SNRGY Coaching offers a variety of classes, with the possibility to tailor these based on your needs and/or preferences. All classes can be completed online or with physical attendance. Interested in knowing more? Book a free consultation with me today.

↳ Personal Coaching

An energetic coaching offer with the intention of guiding you towards balance, integrity and your self-awareness. We'll be working together over several sessions mapping your current beliefs and future goals, whether it be specific obstacles or challenges you are ready to confront, such as changing a specific situation, or going deeper within yourself.

The reality you’re currently creating is the sum of the actions and decisions you make every day, based on your beliefs, emotions, reactions and responses. We’ll be working on your inner fundament, while simultaneously observing your patterns for nurturing your physical body and soul.

Through dialogue, reflection, and the integration of self-coaching tools and energy work, you'll be able to view your life from a new perspective. Personal coaching is for you who would like to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, a motivated mindset, self-love, and balance between the mind, body, and soul.

↳ Meditation Class

An introduction to meditation and its benefits. In this session, I'll guide you through varied meditation techniques where we'll explore a safe space for pause by connecting to our mind, body, breath, and heart. The class is also about being present in the now and learning to accept the presence of feelings and thoughts that would otherwise be distracting to the goals one has set. Over time, this develops the ability to sort between relevant and irrelevant information in your life.

Mindfulness meditation can be beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, boosting of memory, reinforcing your attention, and give you a greater understanding of yourself.

You do not have to obtain any knowledge or experience with meditation to book this class. It's for everyone invested in exploring the experience of meditation, whether it be to connect with your heart or simply to make space for a breather in a hectic day.

↳Business Alignment 

Do you see the benefit of working with SNRGY Coaching in your business? Could your team make use of guided meditation to start the day, gift cards for personal coaching, or are you interested in the Business Alignment workshop for entrepreneurs and leaders?

Studies show that the incorporation of mindfulness meditation at the office can improve problem-solving and decision-making strategies, counteract stress and burnout, boost memory and increase collaboration.

Reach out with your request, and I'll be happy to tailor an energetic offer for your team and your business.

↳ Angel card reading

Love and support are always available to you through the angel roam. The light and kindness of these beings are forever around us. Together we'll ask the angels for guidance on the matter that's on your mind and your heart.

The reading is done over video or voicemail.

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