Life will continue to happen to you with its multifacet characteristics that we sometimes label good and bad. This is an unchangeable truth.

I do not want you to glorify or demonize one or another, but learn how to guide yourself through all the events that sum up your everyday life, with openness, acceptance, compassion, knowledge, and respect.

SNRGY Coaching is built upon thoughts from Eastern philosophy, cognitive psychology, mindfulness, the science of behavior change and well-being, and spiritual beliefs.

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My name is Fredrik Fernando and my mission is to guide as many as possible to a feeling of worthiness and help to create a world with more love and compassion. I got into coaching and self-development work after a personal crisis that deconstructed the belief that was my reality at a specific moment in time, which ultimately led me to understand that I'm the one in charge of my own life and my well-being. For a long time, I had let life happen to me, not realizing that I was capable of creating my own reality.

Through my personal transformation, and years of self-coaching, courses and research, I've come to realize that I now obtain knowledge and tools that might be of service to others, and that is the reason why I established SNRGY Coaching.

I believe humans have an inner compass that we can trust to guide us through life, always supporting our highest potential and the caretaking of others. This compass or inner voice can sometimes be muffled by the noises of expectations, attachments, and of society's insistent perspectives. Habits and practices that support our well-being can give us the opportunity to reconnect with our inner selves, and I believe this to make us more capable of regaining control and finding balance in our human experience. My hope is that if we do this work, we will pursue feelings of love and compassion, for both ourselves and others. Let’s co-create!

* SNRGY Coaching does not work with people with severe mental disorders and would recommend for them to contact a medical professional for further help.

As soon as I started talking with Fredrik about my past, my current issues, and my feelings, I knew he understood me and my needs. Being told that it’s not wrong but completely necessary to want happiness for oneself, to feel worthy of it, and to actively strive for it, is something no one has told me the way he did. What has also helped me a lot is what he gave me as practical tools to help me in my every day, practicing gratitude for what I have, acknowledging and celebrating achievements every day (big and small), breathing exercises to help with anxiety, and how I should speak to myself and about myself to give myself the worthiness I deserve. After just one session I feel like Fredrik has helped me so much, and I look forward to continuing this journey with him.

Charlotte (43), Norway