Arc´teryx wants everyone around us to take a few breaks and learn techniques on how to disconnect - as we do in nature. Therefore, we had two fantastic meditation mornings with SNRGY / Fredrik Austad. Fredrik taught us important techniques on how we could calm down outer space to find inner peace, and brought a feeling of calmness into the shop like a flowing stream - he gave us new life for the weekend and everyday life!

Marie Ræder Haakonsen, Marketing Lead at Arc’teryx Oslo

Fredrik opened our conference weekend with Future Leaders.
The seminar was themed on self-management and connecting with our inner self. Fredrik addressed practices for grounding and observation of our inner and outer world. This lecture provided a solid basis for further reflection and work throughout the weekend. We would highly recommend Fredrik and SNRGY Coaching.

Herman Persen - Head of Business Development, Looping

SNRGY Coaching believes it is the sum of the work you put in every day that ultimately constructs your life. This is a coaching service for anyone who wants to elevate one or more aspects of their human experience and raise their self-awareness. 

I believe that with the right tools and guidance, you'll be able to embark on a knowledgeable and eye-opening journey towards your optimal life situation and well-being. Through dialogue, reflection, and consistent action-taking, I want you to integrate habits and skills, making you the commander of your life with the guidance of your unique compass. Transformation starts from within, and by broadening your perspectives and investing in yourself, you'll be able to place your focus and energy in acts supporting your personal growth.

Are you ready to elevate your experience?

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Online Meditation for Peace event on the 11th of January 2022.


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